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Now For Sale: 'Talented Cat-Scaring Master' Roommate

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That's one way to deal with roommate drama: put your roommate on Craigslist and offer him up for free, or even pay someone to take him off your hands. Curbed Seattle has discovered this to be the tactic of one Seattle resident: "We've come to the difficult conclusion that we need to rehome him. The initial agreement was that he'd be capable of doing this himself, but that doesn't seem to be the case." Crazy craigslist listings of yore, please step aside for a second.

What's included in the deal, you ask? A 32-year-old named Jamie, who has a beagle that "he can't seem to keep [...] in our fenced yard so the neighbors yell at us." He mooches cigarettes, "he could stand to attend a class or two in social cues," "he comes fully equipped with a weird beard and awkward hair, a totally rad dragon tattoo [...] and a sweet home Alabama(ian?) accent." He is also a master at disc golf, he can do magic ("I mean he has crystals and he can heal you with a powder and light and stuff"), he's a "talented cat-scaring master," and he will "hit on all of the females at your place of work." In conclusion: "This offer will most likely be snatched up immediately, so act fast!"

Since the ad will likely expire soon, here it is for perpetuity's sake:

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