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Ptown Ferry Runs Aground; A Bronze for Taylor Swift; More!

BOSTON HARBOR - Some folks got a free, surprise trip to Nixes Island! "A Provincetown ferry captained by a skipper in training and packed nearly to capacity ran aground in Boston Harbor yesterday, leaving nearly 150 people stranded in a scene one passenger described as pandemonium." [Boston Herald]

HYANNIS PORT - Is Taylor Swift good for tourism over the bridge? "When asked which creature—the bear, the shark or the singer—has been the summer's top local news star, Cape Cod Times reporter Robert Gold says Swift has to settle for the bronze." [E! Online]

PROVINCETOWN - The 'ambassadors of traffic' have been keeping order on Commercial this summer: "Navigating the thoroughfare in town this summer has proven a far more manageable task thanks to the tireless efforts of Provincetown's community service officers, or CSOs, a trio of men whose dedication to your safety is steadfast and assured." [Provincetown Banner]