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Signs of the End Times: Here's a Pier 1 Rap Training Video

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In 2003, long before it suffered $228M in losses and had to dig itself out of near-bankruptcy, Pier 1 Imports was at the top of its game. In 2003, even Apartment Therapy didn't exist yet, nor did snarky design blogs who now make the Texas-based home furnishings retailer the butt of their jokes. It was a gloriously carefree time—fresh lemonade was poured into crackle-glass pitchers and consumed while lounging on wicker furniture and reposing against patterned throw pillows.

Also around that time, Pier 1 apparently made a rap video designed to help train its new employees. Because rap goes so well with things like Beaded Gold & Amber Flower Napkin Rings, obviously. This is the first line: "I love Pier 1, and I'm back again/I'm furnishing my house so I can move in." Be forewarned, people: the video below—YouTube removed the original but thankfully the guys at Basement Labs and Gripper sent along this Vimeo version. You know, for perpetuity:

The Video:

And Make A Sale, Y'all from Gripper on Vimeo.

· Pier One Training VHS Tape [YouTube via VideoGum]