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Count the Mounted Animals in Bonkers Utah Poker Room

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Mom would probably advise making a pros-and-cons list before rushing hastily to judgment, so let's do that now in regards to this Utah mansion listed for $30M. First, the cons: 75 acres aren't easy to maintain, the half-empty rooms are filled with furnishings that look straight out of the latest episode of Mob Wives, and there's a poker/game room that would make Sarah Palin and other such taxidermy enthusiasts seethe with jealousy.

Now, the pros: there's no shortage on space (Homes of the Rich points out that at 50,000 square feet it's one of the largest homes to built anywhere in the country these last couple of years), you'll never have to wait in line to use a bathroom (there are 12), there's an indoor basketball court, an indoor shooting range, a two-lane bowling alley, a massive pool and rock waterfall, and, best of all, a ball pit à la Chuck E. Cheese's. (Seriously, second photo.) Anyway, owner Tom Mower is no shortage to putting a positive spin on things: his company, Sisal International, sells and manufactures products like the "Rapid Weight Loss System" and a "life-enhancing, highly potent liquid supplement" called "Eternity."

· 8272 E. Left Hand Fork Hobble Creek N., Springville, Utah [Weichert via Homes of the Rich]