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Swedes Devise Crazy City-on-Rails For Norwegian Boonies

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If you've ever wanted your house to be located, say, a little closer to the park—and in places like NYC, who doesn't?—some forward-thinking Swedish architects may have just the solution: a town on wheels, where each and every building can slide around and reconfigure itself along old railroad tracks. Such is "Rolling Masterplan," Jägnefält Milton's entry in a Norwegian design competition. According to the blog It's Nice That, the proposal makes use of tracks in Åndalsnes, a 2,200-person town in Western Norway, and includes 100 homes, a hotel, a park, and other moveable structures. Additional pics and charts over on Flavorwire.

· A city on wheels? Architect Jägnefält Milton has to be a genius [It's Nice That via Flavorwire]