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Here's a House Made Entirely Out of Heineken Bottles

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Can anything top a house made completely out of Bud Light cans? Depending on your palate and/or architectural aesthetic, yes! A house made entirely out of Heineken bottles. Over on Laughing Squid today there's a retrospective of the great, green bottle and its small role, decades ago, in the eco housing movement.

The story goes something like this: in the '60s Alfred Heineken, president of Heineken International, enlisted Dutch architect N. John Habraken to design a brick-shaped, stackable beer bottle that might have utility even after being discarded on a beach. One-thousand of these Heineken WOBOs—"World Bottle"—could build a 10-by-10-foot house in communities lacking affordable construction materials. The idea never really came to fruition, and only two WOBO houses remain today: above, have a look at the WOBO shed on Heineken's own property near Amsterdam.

Here's a closer look at the bottle, snapped at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam:

· Heineken WOBO, A Beer Bottle Brick For Building Eco-Homes [Laughing Squid]