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A Peek at Long Island's Utterly Baffling 'Gas Station Home'

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Please say hey to Long Island's very own "Hollywood Mansion," as the brokerbabble would have it: not the forgotten grand estates of the Gold Coast but rather a 8,700-square-foot stucco monstrosity in Great Neck. The place holds ranks on Forbes' list of the ugliest mansions in the country (nice work, guys!), where it's described as a "gas station home" that might also "pass for a hotel." A highway banquet hall wouldn't be so far off, either, and whomever snags it will certainly "Be The Talk Of The Town," as the listing claims. The property, which is on the market for $5.88M, definitely has a Miami Vice thing going on inside, as well—just check out that bar.

· 128 Windsor Gate, Great Neck, N.Y. [Zillow via Forbes]