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Glimpse the Real Detroit in This $40/Night 'Vacation Rental'

If foreclosed Mies van der Rohe buildings and $900 mansions aren't convincing, here's something else that speaks to Detroit's, uh, rap: an Airbnb "vacation rental" asking $40 a night. Except—wait a sec—the house is not a house but rather a 1991 Toyota Previa, which the owner (who selected "Entire home/apt" as the "Room Type") describes as a "futuristic sleeping pod" with "vintage futuristic environs" that's "a perfect, tried and tested option for city camping & exploring." Clever, but this Airbnb rental falls seriously short of the exciting options, even starchitecture, one has come to expect from that site. Anyway, Curbed Detroit has some thoughts about where to park the temporary away from home.

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