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Old Form Meets Modern Style at Architect's Cape Cod Home

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Location: Osterville, Mass.
Price: $1,295,000
The Skinny: This Cape Cod home was completed in 2005, but the towering double-hung windows and accompanying small- outbuilding make it seem much older. Inside, though, the modern minimalist interiors make no attempt at mimicking the past, with all-white walls, light stained floors, and a dearth of antique furniture. The mastermind behind this project is architect Reed A. Morrison, whose work has been featured in everything from Elle Decor to The New York Times. Morrison built this house for himself and his family, as they split their time between Osterville and the Big Apple. After seven years in the house, perhaps they're ready to move on to a new Morrison design, and have this four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house listed for $1.295M.
· 113 Pond Street [Robert Paul]
· 113 Pond Street [Reed A. Morrison Architect]