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Shabby Chic's Rachel Ashwell Buys Cottage Near Venice Beach

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Designer Rachel Ashwell, the brains behind the wildly successful Shabby Chic brand of interior furnishings, has just purchased the sort of house you always imagined she would, a petite historic cottage not far from Venice Beach. The two-bed, one-bath white clapboard house has a Rockwellian white picket fence, but lies just two blocks from that epicenter of hipster design, Abbott Kinney. In addition to the two bedrooms, the house also manages to squeeze in an office and an "artist's studio" with walls of windows facing the rear garden. Not too shabby for under $1M. Purchased for $930K, the tiny cottage is but a getaway for Ashwell, who also owns a five-bedroom house in L.A., bought in 2007 for $4.15M.
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