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Tuesday's Rain Brought Out The Bacteria And A Vendetta

EASTHAM, WELLFLEET & NANTUCKET - So much for the sharks. Nauset Light Beach in Eastham, Marconi Beach in Wellfleet and ten beaches on Nantucket were closed Thursday due to flourishing bacteria thought to be caused by the heavy rains on Tuesday. "It could be many things, but we haven't had a large rainfall like this in a while." [Boston Globe]


WEST BARNSTABLE - Patrick Page, who has been in a six-year dispute with town hall, intentionally flooded Route 6A in West Barnstable on Tuesday night by cementing a drainage pipe during the heavy rains. Page previously offered to settle his property dispute for $30M, which he subsequently reduced to $3M. "I'll go to my grave with this." No doubt this is to be continued. [Cape Cod Times]