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Some Chatham Beaches Closed Due to Sharks, But Don't Worry

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Just in time for the Labor Day weekend, Chatham has banned swimming at all of its east facing ocean beaches due to an increase in shark sightings. Apparently, Chatham is now officially restaurant row for great whites looking to dine on gray seals. No doubt this is our naughty human karma catching up with us:

The seals, which were nearly hunted to extinction by early New Englanders, are protected by the 40-year-old Marine Mammal Protection Act, KQED reports. The law also bars the harassment of seals, which means fishermen can't even shoo them away from their catch. If you don't want to end up with PTSD (post-traumatic shark disorder) or worse, end up in a viral video, remember to keep your distance (somewhere in a lake, pond or pool might work). "The town wants people to avoid swimming within 300 feet of seals. If a shark is sighted, exit the water immediately and contact authorities." In other words, shoo!

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