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Reams of Historic Detail for Just $325K in Central Mass.

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This 7,800-square-foot Victorian mansion would cost millions if it were in the proper Boston suburbs, but even huge mansions are much cheaper an hour and a half from downtown in Fitchburg, Mass. The finely embellished estate, completed in 1900, is currently listed for just $325K, a price that includes seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, four fireplaces, a grand staircase, a rear stair for the help, exquisite wood paneling unmarred by paint, and marble mantles. There's not much land to speak of, with a little more than a half acre, but all that historic detail at this price should more than make up for a lack of a yard. As for that commute, at least the commuter rail is close at hand.
· 65 Prospect Street [Zillow]