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What You Get For $850K Around the Curbed Universe

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what set dollar amounts buy in the ever-growing list of cities that comprises the Curbed universe. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out!

The ultimate in bohemian decor, the interiors of this 18th-century cottage in Sag Harbor, N.Y. might be a bit too rough around the edges for the average Hamptons buyer, but that makes it a steal for someone in the market for something more casual. Listed for $849K, the two-bed, two-bath home is chock full of rustic charm, including ridiculously wide original floorboards, a pair of fireplaces, and quirks like a curved wall in the entryway. No, there's no pool and the picket fence-lined gardens seem to have recently fallen into a state of disrepair, having previously been featured "many times in the annual Garden Tour of Sag Harbor," but a green thumbed buyer could make the most of that little plot out back.

? For a slight, this townhouse in Washington, D.C. offers a similar amount of space, better interior condition, and a vastly better-kept garden, with a vined wall and immaculately clipped lawn. The location is less than blue chip, but it is just south of the hot U Street corridor and is asking $830K for three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,460 square feet. The kitchen finishes could use a serious upgrade, but everything in the house looks serviceable to say the least.

? Finding an acceptable single-family home in San Francisco under $1M is usually a challenge, but if a buyer is willing to compromise on curb appeal, this $848K townhouse offers two beds, two baths, and coveted parking just a block from Lincoln Park. Potential buyers will be disappointed to find out that it traded hands for $500K just this past May, but the funky guest house out back may be cool enough to forget about all that.

? Cambridge, the brainy burg just to the north of Boston, has seen house prices skyrocket in the past couple decades, leaving the traditional Professor's Row well out of the reach of most professors. This $850K freestanding house, built in 1894, might be a viable alternative for those with tenure at Harvard. It's a little worn in places, but the curb appeal is fantastic and some light renovations could bring back some of the historic detail.

? When it comes to bang for your buck, buyers can't do much better than Detroit, where grand mansions in the tony suburb of Grosse Pointe Farms trade for well under $1M. This brick manse has been on the market for almost two years and is now listed for $849K. For that price, a buyer would get a "Orangerie"/Conservatory imported from the UK, gourmet kitchen designed by David Morris, paneled library, Pewabic Tile bathrooms, second floor kitchen and laundry, walk-up attic storage and beautiful gardens." Sadly, the place listed as a short sale.

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