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The Ikea-Bag Dress; a Library Full of Medals; More!

SWITZERLAND—All Ikea craziness, all the time: Berlin-based artist Ida-Marie Corell has turned 555 of the retailer's blue plastic bags into a giant dress. The installation has a very Ikea-esque name: Oh, Plastiksack! [PFSK; previously]

NYC—With all the Olympic wizardy going on these days, does that gold medal feel more out of reach than normal? Do consult Curbed NY—there's a Manhattan library filled with them. [Curbed NY]

EVERYWHERE—Say hey to a new spin on the LC-2 armchair, a classic piece designed in 1928 by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. Now it's spun into a concrete block by designer Stefan Zwicky. Architizer, of course, has some thoughts on the "alienating nature of concrete." [Architizer]