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Florida Catastrophe a Contender for Worst House of 2012

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It's not every day that Curbed stumbles upon a shoo-in for the year's worst house, and while there have been some strong contenders in recent months—a curious creation in Indiana, an architectural mess in DC, a bonkers bedroom in Miami Beach, a crazy wallpapering job in Houston, way too much purple in Nassau Bay, Texas, and another confusing mess in Indiana—perhaps none are quite as spectacular as this 25,000-square-foot beaut in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Listed for $10M, the seven-bedroom manse has a laundry list of special features: statuary inside and out (busts, full figures, a cool-looking Santa reading a book), baroque furnishings that defy explanation, ornate cathedral-style ceilings, marble columns inside and out, an elephant mural, a kitchen where everything is either solid wood or china, and a taxidermy/trophy room that likely supplies decorators near and far with their zebra rugs. In other words, this place is exactly what happens when you marry Aladdin with The Lion King. Yay, uh, Disney?

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