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The Over-the-Top Mansions of Rich Tech Entrepreneurs

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When Silicon Valley power couple Mark Pincus, the founder of mobile game maker Zynga, and Alison Pincus, co-founder of online shopping destination One King's Lane, listed their two Bay Area homes for sale last year, we knew something big was in the works. After all, Zynga had gone public, Mark was sitting on a pile of cash, and, as One King's Lane makes even more likely, he and Ann probably have a thing for houses. Zynga's stock has since tumbled to well below the IPO price, but that didn't stop the Pincuses from scooping up the very massive, very Old Money mansion at 2950 Pacific Heights in San Francisco for $16M. The 11,500-square-foot, seven-bed, seven-bath spread was built in 1907 for the Newhall family, who owned it for 105 years before passing the title along to Pincus in exchange for his many millions. Hopefully, they weren't paid in stock.

? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, a Silicon Valley darling if there ever was one, finally quit renting and bought himself a big ol' adult-sized house last year, paying $7M for a 5,000-square-foot mansion on a walled estate in Palo Alto. The house is also pretty traditional given Zuck's techy background, with a pale green kitchen, formal gardens, and even a "croquet lawn."

? If Zuckerberg went for a family-sized, relatively modest (for a billionaire) house in a leafy neighborhood, his counterpart at Twitter, co-founder Jack Dorsey, seems to have done quite the opposite just a few miles north. Dorsey shelled out close to $10M for a dramatic two-bedroom house on stilts, with sweeping, unimpeded views of the Golden Gate Bridge and a retractable roof.

? The little company that Larry Page co-founded, Google, has grown into such a Silicon Valley behemoth that other startups now base their business plan off of possible Google buyouts. Some of his neighbors have been feeling similar pressures, as Page has repeatedly bought to expand his compound in Palo Alto. Situated at the end of a dead end street, the original property alone (above, top right) is now valued at $15.2M.

? Original dot-com era baller Mark Cuban, who made billions on a now little-known start up called, keeps an absolutely huge, 24,000-square-foot mansion in Dallas, where he is, among other things, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. The prolific investor, who has stakes in Magnolia Pictures and the Landmark theater chain, has a garage bigger than the average American house.
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