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Come Take a Video Tour of Indiana's Most Confusing Manse

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Indiana's most confusing megamansion, listed for $5.5M, met with enthusiastic response on Curbed; in fact, one commenter suggested the property might belong to a "Greek drug lord, or of a Sicilan who made a fortune hauling trash." Not so, the broker explains to Zillow Blog: the owners are just "big entertainers. The home is really set up to hold large quanitities of people at anytime.”(It's 23,000 square feet—so yes, this must be true.

With that, here's a video tour of the home with narration from the broker himself. Bonus factoid: those marble columns in the 5,000-square-foot foyer are worth $125,000 a piece and the repro Darth Vadar in the Star Wars-themed bar has been loaned out to George Lucas. Below, watch:

The Video:

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