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Newsman Tom Brokaw Lists Shared B.C. Fishing Compound

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Location: Smithers, B.C.
Price: $1,792,000
The Skinny: Journalist Tom Brokaw was a fixture on NBC for almost three decades, but few knew the South Dakota native was such a dedicated fisherman. It turns out Brokaw—who has contributed to books on the subject of fly fishing—owned part of this 275-acre compound in rural British Columbia, Canada. Located on the Bulkley River, one of the world's "preeminent steelhead fisheries," the Hat Rack Ranch includes three structures: a caretaker's residence, a barn, and a a 3,600-square-foot main house, originally built in 1915. That house includes "a library, a marble and stone fireplace and a terrace," and "is attached to a greenhouse and wine cellar." Brokaw invested in the property with two friends and the consortium is now looking to sell the place for around $1.8M.
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