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Watch a Guy Park a Lamborghini in His Living Room

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Though car elevators may be old hat to the people who live in Annabelle Selldorf's 200 Eleventh Avenue condo building in Manhattan or, say, Mitt Romney, to most of us they're a totally out-of-reach perk. Which is why developers are targeting Singapore's swank new Hamilton Scotts tower toward buyers who are "well exposed in the world, so they are looking for something that is unique and different." Different, and expensive, averaging $7.5M for an apartment with two parking spaces and $24M for the penthouse with four parking spaces. As of now, the glitzy 30-story building is "world's tallest en-suite elevated car porch residence," according to the official description, but that soon may change: glassy car elevators in Miami's forthcoming Porsche Design Tower will access all 57 floors—Curbed Miami has heard conflicting rumors about pricing, but units will start between $3.8M and $9M. Until that behemoth rises from the beach, watch the Hamilton Scotts wizardry below.

The Video:

· Millionaire Parks Lambo in His Living Room! [YouTube via Gizmodo]