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A House Bought For $15K, Now On the Market For $2.2M

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Built in 1699 as a French mission, this Nova Scotia house on 105 acres was scooped for $15K by photographer Sherman Hines, who lovingly updated the place with modern conveniences: he added stainless kitchen appliances and an in-ground pool to an original footprint with stained-glass windows and stone walls. Now the 3,800-square-foot, three-bedroom home is on the market, along with the period-appropriate furnishings and the owner's game-hunting trophies, which feature prominently in the taxidermy-packed listing photos. The Mission, as the place is known, is one of the oldest Canadian residences east of Quebec City and is listed for $2.195M CAD (roughly $2.246M). To further break down the math: that's about 150 times what Hines paid in 1982. Dream big, buddy!

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