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Please Say Hey to the Most Insane House in Washington State

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Sure, there are lots of nice homes in the Seattle area. This here, spotted by Curbed Seattle? A curiosity at best. Designed in the 1970s for a racecar driver, the home skirts the line between Northwest Modern architecture and sheerly nuts architecture, with stretches of glass tubes the brokerbabble touts as "timeless." To give credit where it's due, the siting, with views of Puget Sound, is spectacular, some of the interior woodwork looks nice, and the outdoor entertaining spaces are nothing short of gorgeous—even "impeccably detailed," if you will—but is $1.89M really a reasonable price for this crazy wormhole?

· Glass House Nightmare in Mulkiteo [Curbed Seattle]
· 9716 58th Place W, Mukilteo, Wash. [Redfin]