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Buy an Quaint English Harbor, Plus Some Ships, For $7.1M

Now on the market in southwest England: an 18th-century harbor village that's been featured in various movies, including Treasure Island and The Three Musketeers. According to The Telegraph, the harbor has been privately owned for 20 years by someone who's hoping to snag either £4.4M ($7.1M) for the whole port (the harbor, waterfront, two beaches, an ice cream shop, his own "marine training and charter business," two rigged ships, and more), or £1.4M to £1.5M ($2.25M to $2.4M) for each smaller, subdivided portion. While all the houses on the land are private, the owner still believes this is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone" for its revenue potential: the harbor has, and could still, garner serious location fees from film-production studios hoping to shoot on the land.

Photo via AOL Real Estate

· Yours for £4m: the picturesque Treasure Island harbour [The Telegraph via AOL Real Estate]