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'Golden Coast Castle' Takes Italian Inspiration to New Lows

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Location: Cambria, Calif.
Price: $58,000,000
The Skinny: Known formally as the Castello della Costa d'Oro, this over-the-top Venetian-inspired megamansion is listed for a jaw dropping $58M, a price made all the more outrageous by the location, some four hours north of Los Angeles. The sprawling, 11-bedroom, 12-bathroom temple of excess echoes its absurd price in the gaudy interiors and rambling facade of the main house, which—in combination with a huge "entertainment hall," an "automotive pavilion," and a guest house—forms a 32,500-square-foot compound on 80 acres with dazzling sea views. The knock-off Italian frescos that line most of the rooms set the tone for this place, which should go down as one of the tackiest listings of 2012.
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