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A-Lister Johnny Depp Buys Home for Ex in Hollywood Hills

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Indie darling turned box-office miracle worker Johnny Depp has split with his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, but the duo appear to be on decent terms, if Depp's recent property purchase is any indication. The actor forked over $4.4M for a house in the Hollywood Hills, not for himself, but for Paradis and their two children. Of course, that sum is almost a drop in the bucket for Depp, who is said to have banked as much as $300M from the lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but it's still one of the more gracious moves we've ever seen from a Hollywood split. The Mediterranean manse, built in 1990, measures 5,800-square-feet and includes four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a swimming pool. Depp got a discount, considering the place was listed for $4.65M, but this estate pales in comparison to his properties, like a private island in the Bahamas and two lavish homes in France.
· Johnny Depp buys Hollywood villa for ex Vanessa Paradis [New York Daily News]
· 7760 Woodrow Wilson Drive [official site]