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Guy Paints Sistine Chapel Ceiling in His Manhattan Studio

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As if living in a Manhattan studio wasn't feat enough, one artist has turned his apartment into a replica of the Sistine Chapel, complete with a painted ceiling inspired by the real thing. Muralist Alex Gardega started the project in February and now, nearing completion, is determined to finish what he calls his "bucket list dream" before he—gasp!—has to move in two months. Gardega launched a Kickstarter campaign raise the needed $7,500 (of $25K to $30K total cost) and tells Curbed NY that he hopes "it becomes a very NYC landmark that lives on" even after he's moved out. And if that's a no go, Gardega tells Curbed National that he's "going to pay a house painter to roll it out back to white and videotape the process" if his landlord "doesn't want it there when I leave." Perhaps that dedicated Englishman who replicated the Sistine Chapel ceiling in every single room of his flat needs a homey pied-à-terre across the pond?

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