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Designer Amanda Nisbet Swathes Proper Park Ave. in Color

Photos by Roger Davies via New York Cottages & Gardens

Here's a look at a bold Manhattan project featured in Dazzling Design, Amanda Nisbet's first book, which will be released on Saturday. The famously bold interior designer dives into the nitty-gritty details in the September issue of New York Cottages & Gardens, where she shares that the dining room (above) is clad in silk wallpaper—"sort of a cross between eggplant and magenta"—and has two black-glass-topped tables that can be pushed together. (Darn, because a dinner party where all the spouses you don't like are stuck at that other table sounds pretty appealing.) Anyway, additional details include library walls lined with felt (it helps soundproof the room), a chartreuse pleather kitchen banquette (the color "is such a lovely foil to the gray and keeps the kitchen from seeming too somber," Nisbet says), a peacock-blue velvet sofa and bench in the living room, and a "custom-colored icy blue wallpaper that mimics the intricacies of damask" in the master bedroom, whose hammered-nickel bed (designed by Nisbet herself) "makes the room glisten." Photos above, and read on for the full interview.

· Interior designer Amanda Nisbet enlivens a Park Avenue apartment [NYC&G]