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Tour the US with 'Up to Speed,' A Hulu Original Series

Tour exciting American cities with Timothy "Speed" Levitch in Up to Speed, A Hulu Original Series, from Richard Linklater, the writer/director behind Before Sunrise, Waking Life, and Dazed and Confused. The quirky historian and travel guide explores and makes acquaintances with monumentally ignored monuments and often overlooked, yet wildly interesting, attractions.

With musings that even the most jaded city dwellers will find interesting, his tours take viewers to unique landmarks in popular US cities, as well as less-than-famous American destinations (the Kansas/Missouri border, for one). Expect an animated conversation with the Balbo Monument in Chicago (personified as an Italian Fascist); facts about the origin of Lady Liberty's design (Spoiler: her face is inspired by Bartoli's mother, her body based on his mistress); and a slew of other adventures.

Check out the New York episode of Up to Speed here. Then join the conversation and tweet your favorite "Speedism" (his choice philosophical meditations) to @HuluUpToSpeed. For more offbeat tours of other US destinations, watch Up to Speed, only on Hulu.