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Every Look From Nate Berkus For Target, Out Oct. 21

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Photos courtesy of Target

Here's a look at the first round of home accessories from Nate Berkus' collection for Target, which was announced in May and is scheduled to hit stores Oct. 21. The 150-piece line, which will be continually refreshed, includes duvet sets ($89.99), bath towels ($5.99 to $9.99), a mysterious little something called a "Lacquered Tortoise Wall Accessory" ($39.99), and various throw pillows in the $25 range. "I am a fan of the mass market," the interior designer and talkshow host told the Times yesterday. "I have a responsibility to my custom clients to know as much as possible about antiques, rare carpets and fine art, and a lot of what we do is custom for high-end clients. But I get a rush finding a beautifully designed object at a great price."

Target's habit of putting designers'—both fashion and interior—faces on stuff has brought the retailer much success. Hell, Michael Graves' budget teapot was just one of more than 2,000 products the architect produced during his 13-year Target tenure, and Missoni's low-end line was so popular last year that it actually turned into an order-fulfillment nightmare. So it's likely shoppers will go, uh, berserk for Berkus. If only the name could bring the designer luck in real estate: his Chicago apartment, which was once featured in Elle Decor, has been angling for a buyer since early 2011 when it was first listed for $2.65M. (It's now down to $1.995M.) And Billy Joel's Sagaponack digs has the Berkus stamp, as well—that one was originally listed for $22.5M in 2009, had a bit of a rocky affair with the PriceChopper for a few years, and was finally taken off the market in January.

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