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This Romanesque Pile is 'The Most Haunted House in St. Paul'

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Location: St. Paul, Minn.
Price: $1,100,000
The Skinny: Hidden behind old growth trees and shrouded in ivy, the hulking Romanesque Griggs Mansion looks like it holds many secrets, but what it's really chock full of is ridiculously well-preserved original detail, dating back to the 1883 construction; there's the intricately carved marble mantlepiece, the aged wood-paneled walls, nine fireplaces, and a solarium. The 13,800 square feet include "several rental units" for additional income, though a buyer may want to convert the whole thing back into a massive single-family home, especially since they're getting a great deal already. The mansion was originally listed back in September 2009 for $1.8M, but the price has plunged several times, shaving off $700K in the process, to land at $1.1M. Why the price chops? Maybe it has something to do with its reputation as the "most haunted house in Saint Paul." Several "newsmen" were sent to investigate the hauntings and reported "there is no prize on earth that could get us to spend a single night in that great stone house that seems to speak in sounds we cannot explain or understand." Unfortunate, considering the current owners would like some hardy soul to fork over a small fortune for the privilege of spending many nights there.
· 476 Summit Avenue [Zillow]
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