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Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Longtime Parisian Pad Now For Sale

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Something for artsy types with lots of cash to spend: the longtime home of Pierre-Auguste Renoir has hit the market for €7.8M ($9.9M). According to the Wall Street Journal, Château des Brouillards was built in 1772, and historians believe it was probably where the painter lived during the 1880s. Forget the overly stark lofts and downtrodden studios that have come to characterize today's artists' abodes: this place, located in the vibrant Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre, has the sort of quiet elegance one would expect Renoir to appreciate. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,000-square-foot home was most recently purchased in 2002 at auction and features a French country kitchen, 20-foot-high ceilings, views of the Sacré Coeur from the garden, and modern perks courtesy of a nearly $3M renovation: an indoor pool, for one.
· Longtime Parisian Home of Renoir Asks $9.9 Million [WSJ]

Photo: Bee Girl/Flickr