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At $484M, London's Largest Mansion is Now World's Priciest

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Believed by the listing agents to be the largest single-family home remaining in London, 2-8a Rutland Gate is now set to become the most expensive house ever sold in that city, if it achieves anything close to its £300M (roughly $484M) list price. The 60,000-square-foot behemoth was assembled from what were previously four distinct single-family homes and now boasts a ridiculous 45 bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, underground parking, and 68 bulletproof windows facing Hyde Park. A sale of this magnitude would smash the previous London record, the $226M purchase of Park Place, a 300-year-old, Grade II-listed estate on the Thames. The current owner is the estate of the late Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Sultan bin Abdulaziz, who died last year. He, in turn, had oddly received the deluxe property as a gift from Rafiq Hariri, the billionaire Prime Minister of Lebanon, who was assassinated in 2005. The astronomical list price also wins this property the crown of the world's most expensive, beating out the runner up, Italy's Li Galli islands, by a cool $216M.

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