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John Edwards' Mistress Hid Out at This Opulent Aspen Estate

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Built in 1994 by the late trial lawyer Fred Baron, this stunning stone estate was designed by starchitect Robert A.M. Stern, occupying three acres, just off of Aspen's famous Starwood Drive. All of that might be enough, along with the $19.95M asking price, to make this house an Aspen notable, but, sadly, it's the mansion's more scandalous past that will likely make it notorious. Baron, who was a prolific Democratic contributor, allowed Sen. John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, to hide out here during the 2008 presidential race, along with her campaign-provided minders. The ensuing scandal surrounding Hunter and her love child would eventually spell Edwards' downfall and a federal trial over Edwards' use of campaign funds for private purposes, where he was acquitted. According to testimony in that trial, Baron was firmly entrenched in the scandal, providing cash and use of a private jet to Hunter. He passed away in late 2008 and the five-bedroom, 14,000-square-foot vacation estate is being sold by his widow, fellow attorney Lisa Blue.
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