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Here Now, Jaw-Dropping Interiors in Rich Kids of Instagram

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Photos via Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram, which catalogs Instagram photos of people hanging out on yachts, drinking expensive Champagne, showing off massive Louis Vuitton and Gucci handbag collections, admiring Rolex watches, swimming in infinity pools, partying with models, and other such activities, is a Tumblr that sprung to life in mid July. Immediately, of course, its birth set in motion a flurry of stern Internet debate about the oversharing, overindulgent nature of today's youth, but, as one 19-year-old "entrepreneur, New Yorker, blogger, mogul" who's been featured on the site a number of times deduced for CNN, "I believe that the people who are outraged may be a little jealous."

Over the last few weeks Rich Kids of Instagram has grown quite an impressive collection of over-the-top interiors and house porn. Above: the best of the best.

· Rich Kids of Instagram [official site]