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Ikea Shuns Brick-and-Mortar for, Well, Stores on Gondolas

Because, well, why not, the always-industrious Ikea has dressed a bunch of gondolas with colorful fabrics and furnishings and set them loose down Regent's Canal in England. The floating market, free and open to the public (although apparently already sold out), is part of this year's London Design Festival and contains "actors lounging and cooking," according to one NotCot writer who recently visited and experienced a rad-sounding "Swedish crayfish party" firsthand. It's said the furnishings giant was inspired by the "vibrant night markets of Asia" to create the lively, bustling atmosphere—coincidentally, Ikea sales in China have ballooned by more than 20 percent this fiscal year. One question, though: how does one successfully deploy an Allen wrench while bobbing on water?

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