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Is This Historic Mansion the Country's Loveliest McDonald's?

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McDonald's has garnered a lot of media attention lately, not only for its new, Asian-inspired McNoodles or stunt black-and-white burgers, but also for its jazzy new architectural personality. The fast-food chain's revamped presence in France includes classic midcentury furniture and bold, primary-color decor; a modernist branch in London, built specially for the Olympics, instantly became the largest in the world. But perhaps even these glitzy new iterations aren't quite as beautiful as the McDonald's in New Hyde Park, N.Y., which is housed in a 19th-century Georgian mansion. Scouting NY took a peek earlier this summer, noting that the Denton House dates back to 1795, when it was built as a farmhouse. It was given its distinctly Georgian character in 1860, served as a funeral home in the 1900s, and was rescued from abandonment in 1986 by McDonald's, which (obviously) wanted to tear it down. One fiesty group of preservationists and a whole lot of hell-raising later, Denton House was landmarked in 1987 and restored to look the way it did in 1926, complete with a circular veranda and gingerbread detailing.

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