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A $46M Georgian Mansion with Taste for Vintage Americana

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Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Price: $46,000,000
The Skinny: It might look like a historic, and quite genteel, English country estate, but Rosewood was actually built in 2005, on a 1.75-acre lot in Bel Air, and has some staunchly American interiors. The Americana is largely contained in the basement, where an extensive model train collection is joined by a huge car museum and a full-on diner, complete with checkerboard floors, chrome stools, and overhead menu. The rest of the house is just as full-featured as the $46M price tag would suggest, with nine bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, an oak-paneled ballroom with space for 120 guests, a gym, and more, all in more than 23,000 square feet.
· Rosewood Estate [Hilton and Hyland]