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Here Now, Bewitching Photos of Abandoned Motel Pools

Photos by J Bennett Fitts via Architizer

Recently Architizer showcased No Life Guard On Duty, a series of dream-like works of abandoned motel pools by photographer J Bennett Fitts. The shots feature empty and unyielding architectural landscapes, though somehow they romanticize every puddle of stagnant water and streak of grime.

In traversing 20,000 miles in the American South, Fitts twisted emblems of disuse into what could be scenes from "American Grafitti," roughed up by decades of economic boom and bust. Almost all in the series seem to have been shot at twilight, furthering this philosophical notion of decay, particularly in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s—an era that "might disappear under the construction of a future building boom," as Architizer notes. Do have a look above.
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