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Frank Lloyd Wright's Name Used to Sell Houses He Didn't Design

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Famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a prolific designer, completing more than 530 projects over his lifetime. Fewer homes have survived the years intact, and an even smaller number seem to be considered fit for modern family living. That's left many FLW fans to build Prairie-style homes in the past few years, and, upon resale, market them as "inspired" by the late master. Some are better than others. This well-detailed beachfront estate on Kiawah Island, S.C. is one of the best. Listed for $8.95M, the four-bed, six-bath mansion has some strong similarities to Frank Lloyd Wright's work, with Mission furniture and a particularly good-looking brick arched entryway. Still, this isn't a Wright, was completed in 2003, and the brokerbabble blathers on for far too long about Wright's work.

? Yes, in the broad strokes, this sprawling beachfront mansion in Delray Beach, Fla. has some similarity to the work of Wright, but not enough to justify the claim that it "embodies the principles of design espoused by Frank Lloyd Wright." Sticking out like a great white whale from among the palms, this 20,000-square-foot sprawler is listed for a jaw-dropping $19.5M. Devoid of the character inherent to a Wright house, this place does come fully stocked with features, like a 12 car garage, a commercial-size elevator, a huge kitchen with dual SubZero fridges, and an eight-foot privacy wall ringing the property.

? If one were tasked with finding a house that looks the least like a Frank Lloyd Wright, this glassy Great Neck, N.Y. home would be high on the list. That's why it is borderline ridiculous that the brokerbabble terms this a "magnificent Frank Lloyd Wright inspired modern masterpiece." The waterfront house has views to the NYC skyline, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 6,600 square feet, all for $7.25M. The downside, at that price point, is that the home sits on just a half acre.

? After he installed himself in a desert workspace at Taliesin West, in Arizona, Wright did plenty of work in the American Southwest. None of those known works included a scowling pirate presiding over a lagoon-like pool area. This $18M Vegas mansion does, and it was allegedly designed with "inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water." There's not much to go on with the pictures, which focus only on the pool and entry gate.

? This last place went for a threefer: claiming that the design was inspired by FLW and Arts and Crafts masters Greene & Greene and Bernard Maybeck. If anything, the $11.95M lakefront mansion owes more to the Greene brothers than Wright, with a shingled facade and overgrown Craftsman-style interiors. The 9,300-square-foot manse does have size in its favor, with ten bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and 30 private acres in Ridgefield, Conn.
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