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Please Say Hello to Chicago's Most Overly Mirrored Condo

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Perched high on floor 58 of the Four Seasons in Chicago, this three-bedroom enjoys "some of the most sensational views" in the city, according to the proud brokerbabble. And although the late legendary decorator Albert Hadley once stated that views, no matter how beautiful, are never as important as what goes on inside a home, this place might just make Mr. Hadley reconsider. The 2,500-square-foot unit is a dizzying funhouse of reflective surfaces—the coffee tables, built-ins, foyer, hallways, and bathroom are all mirrored—and overstuffed furnishings, lending a chilled-out Miami Vice vibe to Magnificent Mile. Still, as Curbed Chicago points out, future owners can make use of the amenities offered at the adjoining Four Seasons Hotel. And $1.5M actually seems reasonable for all that bling.

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