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Here's the Trailer For Million Dollar Decorators Season Two

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Bravo reps bring word of the premiere date for the second season of Million Dollar Decorators: Nov. 13. According to the publicity babble, the show will again chronicle the same cast of high-end interior designers—Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, and Mary MacDonald—as they handle "big budgets, big personalities, and big projects," plus an "A-list celebrity clientele" and "some very familiar faces that turn out to be their most difficult clients to date." Apparently actress Lindsay Lohan makes an appearance as one of Ireland's clients this season, and from the trailer one gleans additional intel: someone drops a $30K mirror, Ireland pulls MacDonald on to a project the latter truly hates, actress/model Amber Valletta appears, and nearly everyone drops the F-bomb. Below, watch:

The Trailer:

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