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$46M Russian Estate Stocked With Two Bona Fide Palaces

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For sale in Russia is a $46M estate with two—two!—lavish, approximately 9,600-square-foot villas. Mansion No. 1 has such essentials as a cloakroom, library, dressing room, and elevator. Mansion No. 2, equally opulent, has the other must-haves: a conservatory, a boardroom, a billiards room, a sauna, and a separate two-bedroom block for "the staff." The property also boasts "shops, restaurants and a mini club." Oh, and there's a greenhouse, boosting the house-to-lot ratio for the even further. Two for the price of one, guys.

· The Listing: Two Estates on Kaluga Highway [Sotheby's via Homes of the Rich]