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Adrian Beltre's Glitzy Manse Finally Sells to Burger Heiress

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Adrian Beltre has been trying to find a buyer for his estate in Bradbury, Calif., for so long that he's actually had a uniform switch in the interim: Beltre listed the four-acre spread in 2010 as member of the Red Sox, and unloaded it this August as a Texas Ranger. The Real Estalker hears the place sold to Lynsi Martinez, owner of and heiress to In-N-Out, whose grandparents founded the smash-hit burger chain in 1948.

Soon Martinez will be living as largely as a fast-food empress should (see: Pizza Hut, Papa John's): the 16,000-square-foot Med-style home has basketball and tennis courts, a small golf course, a putting green, a 1,300-square-foot pool cabana with its own kitchen, a tricked-out home gym, a 20-seat outdoor movie theater, and, naturally, a batting cage. Welcoming it all is a foyer with 35-foot painted ceiling, inlaid marble floors, curved twin staircases, and a massive chandelier. Though Beltre may have saved last night's game with his ninth-inning homerun, he didn't do quite as well as he'd hoped to do on this sale: he bought the property for $3.425M in 2006, listed it for $19.8M, and ended up scoring some $17.4M.

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