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A Brooklyn Heights Carriage House; Anjelica Huston Sells

NYC—"Special" in brokerbabble rarely applies to anything, well, special, but it does in the case of a Brooklyn Heights carriage house asking a staggering $11,500 a month. Curbed NY has details. [Curbed NY]

VENICE, CALIF.—Just plain weird: Anjelica Huston has sold her home for $12M to an organization that will "create a community gathering space that honor's Venice's unique legacy." Proposed activities include "gourmet-bathing activities" and "seltzer waster tastings." Oh, California. [New York Post via Curbed LA]

MCLEAN, VA.—Curbed DC has photos of an eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion asking $12.95M, and it's pretty bonkers. The photos tell all. [Curbed DC]

EVERYWHERE—A number of HGTV shows will return this fall, including Million Dollar Rooms (a Curbed favorite), The High Low Project, The White Room Challenge, Selling LA, Selling New York, and Love It or List It. [CurbedWire Inbox]