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Here's a Dollhouse in a Tree Trunk, Inspired by Kids' Books

Photos via Mad's Mouse House

The latest in eye-popping miniatures comes from Maddie Brindley, a hobbyist in Chesterfield, England who built from nothing the teensy dwelling from the "Brambly Hedge" children's book series. (The dollhouse looks just like the abode where the books' sophisticated society of English field mice reside.) Yes, the interiors are crammed with all kinds of mind-boggling details, like a fully stocked pantry, working sconces, copper cooking spoons, and a glowing fireplace, but what's even more impressive is the artful approach Brindley took to create the house itself.

The complete step-by-step process, outlined on Brindley's blog, involves boxes covered with chicken wire and masonry cement painted to look like the twisty trunk of a hollowed-out tree. Many of the interior details were handmade, including that teeny lighted fireplace (from "scraps of wood, metal paint...and the bars are my egg whisk!"), the wardrobe, the beds, and the curtains. She even fashioned millimeter-wide mushrooms for the pantry.

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