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World's First Underwater Suburb is Move-In Ready for Fish

Today in slightly absurd animal-home news, Cancun-based sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has created a tract of suburbia for aquatic critters. Sure, the homes in Taylor's "Urban Reef" are not as luxurious as, say, previously examined chicken coops or dog houses, but the humdrum, provincial feel of the neighborhood—the shingles! the shutters!—is what makes the place so charming. Taylor worked with biologists to design deep-sea dwellings ideal for marine residents, with features like textured roofing to encourage coral growth, tubular chimneys meant to be dream homes for eels, and flat surfaces for crustaceans to relax on in comfort. Also, the back of the pelagic abodes are perforated with holes large enough for small fish to glide through but small enough to keep out predators looking for a quick bite. Thank goodness, because a couple of hungry sharks would put a real damper on the housewarming party.

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