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A $20M Mansion in California's Newest Coastal Development

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Location: Dana Point, Calif.
Price: $19,950,000
The Skinny: Much of the Southern California coast has already been overrrun with huge mansions, but a small stretch of the Dana Point seashore was holding out, at least until 2010. That's when a string of megamansions started to spring up in the new development, with price tags to match the rarity of the location. This $19.95M spread boasts 8,800 square feet of interiors, with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, expansive patios, a swimming pool with underwater portal, fire pit, and surreal views of the sand and sea. The combination of size and amenities might make this place a little too special though, at least for Dana Point, where the median home cost is just around $600K. The developers must be hoping that the location, west of the highway, will be enough to carry the huge prices.
· 53 Strand Beach Dr [Zillow]