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China to Break Ground on 'World's Tallest Building' in Nov.

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In June, a Chinese design firm announced it would need only 90 days to complete Sky City Tower, which, at 838 meters high (about 2,749 feet), would make it the tallest building on Earth. Now Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) has renegged on the three-month thing—the construction will actually take six months, those slowpokes—but yes, apparently the project is proceeding as planned and will break ground in the middle of a field in Hunan Province in November.

The BSB founder and chairman tells Wired that plans are in place to use the same cheap, energy-efficient, and expedient prefab construction methods as many of the firm's other lightning-speed projects: one of their claims to fame, after all, is that last year they erected a 30-story building in just 15 days. "Traditional construction is chaotic," he said. "We took construction and moved it into the factory." Then: "It's not a construction company. It's a structural revolution."

Indeed: J220, as the Sky City Tower is called internally, will consist of 16M square feet over 220 floors, all premade in factories and assembled on-site. Then there's the talent: a team of engineers who previously worked on the 2,723-foot-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the building to beat right now. Says one BSB honcho: "My chairman says we have to attract eyes. We have to shock the world." And intimidate the bejesus out of Azerbaijan, apparently?

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