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Listed: A Duplex in Rudolf Schindler's 1923 El Pueblo Ribera

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Photos: Jason Michael Lang

A series of six units arranged together, El Pueblo Ribera Court is the only San Diego-area work by famed SoCal architect Rudolf Schindler. Completed in 1923 to a strictly modern design, the units are duplexes that originally had one bedroom on the ground floor and a "sleeping porch" on the top floor. This one, recently listed for $2.2M, has had that porch declared a bedroom, leaving the place with two beds and two baths. Schindler's use of exposed concrete and wood beams make this place seem much more contemporary than its near-90-year age would suggest. Preservationists might be peeved to learn that the bathrooms and kitchen have been updated, the latter with a new stove and countertops, but the unit retains much of Schindler's original vision.
· Gravilla St [The Agency]