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This Weird-Looking Hotel Will Be Ready for the Great Flood

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Ah, 2012. Will there ever be another year as rich in fantastic end-of-the-world architecture? Thanks to the ancient Mayans, it's never been more hip to build crazy apocalypse-ready buildings, with each new idea more insane—OK, fine, insane and cool—than the last. Next in line to be gawked at is this leviathan of a building designed to withstand rising sea levels, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, and other natural disasters. The strange shell shape of the floating Ark Hotel, conceived by the Russian firm Remistudio, is meant to evenly distribute its own weight, making it impervious to shifts in the earth's tectonic plates. According to the Daily Mail, the design also incorporates solar panels, a rainwater-collection system, and lots of greenery to boost air quality and provide food, all in an attempt to create an "independent life support system," as Alexander Remizov of Remistudio has said. All of that sounds pretty scientific-sounding, particularly for a building that kind of looks kind of like an awesome Slinky.

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